Innovative Start UP that designs, creates, and sells Digital Solutions and Platforms to manage Digital Companies, Industry 4.0, and SmartCity projects.

Digital Business

The Competition Lies In The Business Models

Several sources of value (Cost, Experience, Platform) merge to create new business models that change social and economic paradigms and open new markets.

Digital Transformation:

  • Digital Mentality
  • Value Awareness 
  • Customer Network Model
  • Innovating the Adjacent Possible
  • Use Of Digital Platforms
  • Providing A Complete Product Experience
  • Digital Trust

Factory 4.0

Connecting efficiency, productivity …and Customer

Connecting the key elements of Industry with the Cloud  to reach the max . efficiency, productivity, and integration with all of the company's Digital processes.


  • Machine re-engineering in an “Industrial-IoT” perspective
  • Sensors creations and installation
  • Smart energy audit
  • Design of industrial Digitalization solutions
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Automatic Real-time analysis

Smart City

We create Smart Cities

Integrating people, machines/tools and platforms in a single homogeneous solution to create the future city, focusing on the social, cultural and economical values of the territory.

Applications and Services:

  • IoT Digital Civil Network (sensors, iBeacon, etc)
  • e-Government and Open Data
  • Machine Learning e Territorial BI 
  • ePartecipation and eCollaboration
  • Sensors and Panels for Smart Mobility
  • Smart Lighting and Gate Management
  • Multimedia Showcases, APPs, and Smart Museums
  • Active Video Surveillance
  • Analytics and Predictive Security Systems

Multi-Sided Platforms

Meeting place and interaction in real time

Creating business models that integrate the interests and the values of different user groups, through the use of digital platforms as a meeting place and real-time interaction.

Models based on platforms 

  • They are driving the more profound change in the global macroeconomic environment since the Industrial Revolution.
  • The 81% (Managers) of respondents said that within three years the business models based on the platform will be one of the pillars of the growth strategy of their organizations.